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As the brightest star in the night sky, the Sirius Star stands out from the rest. The Loadstar Sirius Star Award recognizes those employees who stand out in their commitment and contribution to safety by preventing workplace injuries or accidents. Their dedication and effort epitomize Loadstar’s commitment to safety for its clients and employees.

A comprehensive training module focused on basic railcar fundamentals for properly inspecting, loading, securing and shipping a railcar.

  • Standardized training
    for new employees 
  • Pre-site training experience 
  • Reduction of on-site training
    time and cost 
  • Faster job qualification

At Loadstar, we value safety, service, integrity, diversity, community, leadership, and perseverance. Above all, we value people and understand that at our human core, we crave authenticity and connection. We value the working men and women of our community and focus on excellence and appreciation at a very fundamental human level.

Loadstar’s First 100 is a special group of men and women helping build Loadstar from the ground up. The First 100 Loadstar employees to reach one year of service are recognized as part of this exceptional group.



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Protecting people, property, and the environment is our highest priority.


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Deliver the highest service by anticipating and satisfying customer needs.


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We seek only those of the highest character and caliber.



Our workforce will be as rich as our local culture.


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Built on a shared vision of excellence, concern for others, and giving back.



We develop capable and thoughtful leaders at every level.


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Teamwork and commitment will shape our future.


Brian Haymon has 30 years of experience in the product handling and site logistics business as an owner and CEO. He is known as a capable and trusted leader that delivers outstanding customer service through the personal success of his employees.

With the launch of Loadstar, Brian begins a new chapter. Loadstar brings strong values, fresh energy, and the innovation customers need to succeed in a globally competitive market.