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At Loadstar, our team utilizes decades of combined experience to develop product handling and on-site logistics solutions for chemical plants, refineries, terminals and barge lines. Our knowledge, values and safety standards have earned us the trust of leading companies across the industry and a 99.9% rate of incident-free operations with growth and expansion to all major Gulf Coast ports. 

With a focus on excellence, we strive to provide a superior employee experience that performs at the highest level of safety and quality. Recognized as one of the 2023 Best Places to Work in Baton Rouge, our internal efforts not only set our team up for success but also provide customers with outstanding service. 

Through the integration of cutting-edge training resources, advanced software and the latest safety protocols, we work toward a standard of world-class performance. This approach not only mitigates risks but also translates into cost savings for our customers, ensuring the delivery of the utmost value in our services. 

See how we implement inventive approaches to achieve enhanced safety, quality and productivity throughout each of our services. 

In-Plant Operations

Encompassing every form of product handling and on-site logistics, our in-plant operations deliver expertise throughout every level, including warehouse and packaging, rail and truck loading and unloading, rail switching, dock operations and terminal operations. 

To ensure high-level performance, our in-plant tankermen uphold strict safety standards by conducting thorough pre-transfer risk assessments and barge inspections. They also develop cargo transfer plans and evaluate and modify cargo flow and barge mooring lines. 

All in-plant tankermen, from long-standing team members to new team members, are provided a foundation for excellence through innovative training, mentoring and growth opportunities. One way we achieve this is through our VR resources, tailored to give our team an industry-leading advantage. By using these tools, our tankermen develop high-level operational skills before ever stepping foot on site. 

Warehouse & Packaging 

Along with running production lines for drumming, packaging and boxing, our warehouse and packaging operations include constructing pallets, operating forklifts, performing minor maintenance and loading material onto trucks, containers and railcars. 

With quality service and safety at our forefront, we take extra measures to ensure customer orders remain secured during shipment and that customer shipping specifications and DOT requirements are met. Our team is also professionally trained in loading materials onto box trailers utilizing forklifts and other machinery. These efforts allow the delivery of hazardous materials to safely reach the customer’s location.

Rail & Truck

Capable of handling all grades of liquids, solids and liquified gases, our technicians remain committed to safety and efficiency by performing pre-transfer inspections, visually inspecting each vehicle before transfer and ensuring each truck or railcar is placed correctly at the loading rack. They also conduct hookup and transfer operations, documentation and make-ready for shipment. 

With Loadstar’s VR railcar loading training tool, team members develop cutting-edge skills, creating visual and muscle memory to ensure high-level performance, day in and day out.

Rail Switching

Utilizing the latest safe switching procedures and innovative technology, including railcar tracking software for in-plant cars and fleet management, our crews receive cars from the railroad and move them to and from loading stations before returning them for mainline pickup. We also do off-site yard switching, like offering Storage-in-Transit (SIT) facilities. 

Marine Dock 

From major refining and chemical manufacturing operations with 24/7 staffing to smaller terminals that receive only a few vessels per week with on-call personnel, Loadstar provides qualified, dependable operators to serve as the Facility Person-in-Charge (PIC) for marine dock facilities. Like all members of our team, we seek only those of the highest caliber and character to ensure quality, safety and satisfaction standards are consistently met.  

Terminal Operations 

Backed by training and guided by expert leadership, our team performs a full range of terminal functions for manufacturing facilities and independent terminal owners. Equipped with a thorough understanding of terminal operations, our capabilities span all activities associated with product and feedstock movement to, from and within a facility, including planning and scheduling, routine maintenance and regulatory compliance. 

Tankerman Operations

Shoreside Tankerman Operations 

Shoreside Tankermen play an indispensable role in the heart of the United States petroleum and chemical shipping industry. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure their success. From innovative VR training resources to training the next generation of U.S. Coast Guard-licensed tankerman with our Tankerman Academy, we utilize revolutionary approaches to elevate the success of our team and the success of our customers. 

Our top-tier U.S. Coast Guard licensed tankermen, specifically trained to serve as the Vessel Person-in-Charge (PIC), oversee the transfers of a vast range of liquids, including oils, refined products, chemicals and liquified gasses. We meticulously prepare and manage vessels, continuously monitor product transfers, ensuring zero incidents and most vitally, stand as guardians of America’s pristine waterways, guaranteeing safe and efficient product transfers.

Safety, innovation, reliability and experience are key values we adhere to at Loadstar. By implementing a forward-thinking approach to product handling and site logistics, we provide you with top-of-the-line service from top-of-the-line people. Learn more about each of our services or contact us to speak with our experts.