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What is a Tankerman?

A tankerman is a professional in charge of ensuring the safe transfer of chemicals on the inland waterways. Under U.S. Coast Guard regulations, tankerman serve as the person-in-charge (PIC) of the vessel for cargo transfer operations involving tank barges. Transfers involve all types of liquids, including oils and refined products, chemicals and liquified gasses. 

Playing a critical role in United States’ petroleum and chemical shipping industry, a tankerman’s primary responsibility is preparing and managing the vessel assigned to them and monitoring the transfer of the product  to and from the vessel. The special skills and abilities of a tankerman are also critical in protecting America’s waterways by ensuring the safe and efficient transfer of the product. 

How to Become a Tankerman

At Loadstar, we are innovating the industry and training the next generation of U.S. Coast Guard-licensed tankerman with our Tankerman Academy. As a four-month learning and training program, our Tankerman Academy is designed to certify students in all regulations and requirements of Loadstar’s operating policies and procedures and all applicable USCG laws and regulations. 

The course provides students with all necessary service requirements to become a licensed PIC Tankerman and safely conduct cargo transfer operations of petroleum and chemical products to and from barges. 

During their training, students gain experience in the classroom and in the field with hands-on guidance from experienced instructors. Loadstar’s Tankerman Academy offers students the opportunity to earn while they learn. 

How to Enroll in Loadstar’s Tankerman Academy

Loadstar’s Tankerman Academy is a free program and does not require prior experience. To enroll in the academy, students must follow the admissions process. With the limited class size and current demand for instruction, students must adhere to all deadlines, supply all documents and meet all requirements listed in a timely manner.

Become part of the next generation of product handling. Learn more about Loadstar’s Tankerman Academy and upcoming information sessions today.