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At Loadstar, we aim to be the premier provider of product handling and site logistic services in the industry. To achieve this, we continuously strive to provide a superior employee experience that transfers over to outstanding customer service. That means ensuring a healthy work-life balance, implementing innovative training resources and prioritizing the growth and safety of our team. 

Recently, our award-winning efforts earned us the honor of being named one of the 2023 Best Places to Work by the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report! This accomplishment reflects the dedication and passion of our remarkable team, as well as our culture of community, excellence and progress. 

Additionally, we’ve gathered insights from some of our team members to provide firsthand perspectives on working at Loadstar. See what they had to say about Loadstar’s culture and their overall experience as members of our team.

Family-Focused Culture

“What separates Loadstar from other companies is the family-oriented atmosphere. You know everybody, and everybody knows you by name. It makes you feel like what you’re doing is meaningful and really matters.” – Joe Denniston, Shore Tankerman

“The culture is very family-oriented and values-driven. Everything we do is tied back to our values and what we believe in.” – Brett Murray, Director of Human Resources

Schedule Flexibility

“Loadstar gives me the opportunity to be with my daughter as she grows up. These are important years for her, and the flexible schedule gives me the opportunity to attend all of her activities.” – Todd Dusang, Tankerman 

“Loadstar helps me maintain a healthy work/life balance with the flexible schedule and understanding that there are other things in life outside of work.” – Logan Justison, Shore Tankerman

Dedicated to Growth

“Loadstar has helped me grow in my knowledge. There are guys here who have been in the industry for 20 years who are all willing to help you and share their knowledge. They want to teach you, and they want you to grow.” – Joe Denniston, Shore Tankerman

“Loadstar has boosted my confidence and growth. I came here as a tankerman, then moved to supervisor, and now I’m a senior supervisor – and I did all of that in two years.” – Paul Vickers, Senior Tankerman, Supervisor

Innovative Training & Safety Resources

“Not only does our VR software provide additional safety for our employees but also a potential cost saving for our customers.” – Stephen Williams, Director of Operations

“Loadstar developed a virtual reality railcar loading training tool for new employees. This way, employees can create visual and muscle memory that they can use when they go out on-site.” – Brett Murray, Director of Human Resources

Committed to Teamwork

“Here, you’re supported by supervisors who want to help you improve your work, not find problems that could jeopardize your position. It’s a calm, relaxing atmosphere where they really care about your well-being.” – Matthew Gonzales, Shore Tankerman

“At Loadstar, my hard work is recognized, and I feel like I’m part of the company and not just under the company. It’s the best place I’ve ever worked.” – Logan Justison, Shore Tankerman


From establishing a supportive work environment and fostering growth opportunities to offering cutting-edge training resources and schedule flexibility, Loadstar is committed to providing its team with the tools and resources necessary for their success. Together, we aim to be a company of excellence. 

Learn more about the exciting career opportunities at Loadstar and take the first step toward joining our team by applying today.